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The Trippmeister

I make videos on YouTube. Sometimes I post stuff here, too. (And I reblog pretty much every pun I see. You have been warned.)

Mar 19 '13

Look at the facts…

I just realized something:

  1. Dr. Gardener knows about Lizzie’s vlog, since it’s part of her thesis.
  2. Therefore, Dr. Gardner knows about the Lizzie / Darcy situation. (More importantly, she knew about it in early January.)
  3. And then she just “happens” to set up Lizzie to shadow Pemberly Digital, which just “happens” to be Darcy’s company. And due to the “compressed time frame,” Lizzie can’t get out of it, thereby basically ensuring that Lizzie and Darcy will be seeing each other a lot.

Guys. GUYS.


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