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I make videos on YouTube. Sometimes I post stuff here, too. (And I reblog pretty much every pun I see. You have been warned.)

Apr 15 '14





Bisexuals are not confused



bisexuals are not confused god this is like the easiest concept ever you piece of shit douchewagon why can’t you just fucking accept it it’s absolutely infuriating

idk im kind of confused on taxes?? 



"Bisexuals are not confused God."

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Apr 15 '14

How to color eggs with onion shells.



This must be the most beautiful DIY tutorial I have ever seen. And it so happens to be in style of this weekend. Found on Ulicam, a very nice blog by Ulrika Kestere, photographer and illustrator. For the whole tutorial and lot’s of inspiration, click here.

Apr 15 '14

Actual Quotes from my Dad (An English Teacher)

  • Dad: Why the hell did you put a comma there?
  • Dad: Do you even know what a participial phrase is?
  • Dad: Omg. He's like my favorite character of all time.
  • Dad: Who should I dress up as for the movie premier?
  • Dad: Hey are you awak? I know it's late, but you read Animal Farm, right? Yeah. I need you to read this report. I can't tell if I am just super tired or if this is actual bullshit.
  • Dad: Alesha wouldn't be able to spell 'definitely' right if wrote it down for her. She would fucking erase it and then write 'defiantly', because she doesn't care. I hate her.
  • Dad: I need you to bake brownies. I lost a bet.
  • Dad: Omg. You cannot ship me with Gilcher. You know I don't like tattoos and he's like twenty-five. And for Christ's sake, he teaches math.
  • Dad: Omg. Gilcher said the funniest thing today.
  • Dad: Mrs. Ashworth and I have decided to start a band. It'll be called Great Expectations.
  • Dad: It's like you didn't read the fucking book.
  • Dad: Okay. So this week you're reading this book I stole from Mrs. Ashworth's. It's like sixty pages long, but you'll love it.
  • Dad: *puts books on my bed for me to read everyday and demands that I read them*
  • Dad: My son doesn't like reading. I have not only failed him, but society. You aren't my son. Leave.
  • Dad: Okay. So you're getting books for Christmas. All of you. I get discounts on them since I'm a teacher, and since I'm a teacher, it's all I can afford, so...
  • Dad: Fucking standardized testing can go fuck itself in the ass.
  • Dad: I have to teach for the required testing instead of what they really need to know.
  • Dad: Fuck the government.
  • Dad: Fuck the school board.
  • Dad: Close the door.
  • Dad: Charles Dickens was so fucking pretentious, and I hate him, but he also caused change, but he's such a Dick. Ha. DICKens.
  • Dad: I love puns.
  • Dad: People who say sarcasm is the lowest form of humor are assholes.
  • Dad: Please shut up.
  • Dad: Catching Fire was the worst book but the best movie and that feels weird.
  • Dad: I wouldn't get so mad when you call me at school if you didn't change your ringtones to inappropriate rap music.
  • Dad: I fucking hate Alesha. She asked what countries were apart of Austria-Hungary today and I almost told her to get out.
  • Dad: You cannot visit my school in a dress that short. There are boys there.
  • Dad: Barbra Parks is fucking Queen.
  • Dad: I need you to make me a good, relaxing playlist for silent reading. I'm too lazy.
  • Dad: If I have to watch two of my students grind on each other at one more dance, I will kill them both.
  • Dad: They act like I care what they think.
  • Dad: I hate homework.
  • Dad: I have decided to become a politician.
  • Dad: What's the one book with the guys and the one kills the other and the chick without a name who dies and the short angry man? Mouseman? Oh my fucking gosh. Of Mice and Men. I have failed.
Apr 14 '14




This is the cutest thing to ever exist ever. Everyone else go home this is the winner


This is so funny!! Made my day!! :D

It’s back.

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Apr 14 '14

20 Original Lindy Hoppers Every Beginner Dancer Should Know [x]

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Apr 14 '14

i am having a bad time lately so i asked for cheerful drawing ideas… iswearimnotamodel suggested “your otp dancing to swing music 1920S FUN DANCING YES?”
this is like the gayest thing i’ve ever drawn oh my god.


i am having a bad time lately so i asked for cheerful drawing ideas… iswearimnotamodel suggested “your otp dancing to swing music 1920S FUN DANCING YES?”

this is like the gayest thing i’ve ever drawn oh my god.

Apr 14 '14

humansaregreat asked:

Assuming you're not done with the "talk all night about dancing" (and if you are that's cool), what are you currently working on as a lead and what are you working on as a follow? What are you working on as a dancer overall? (And are they even different aswers?)


My inbox is always open to talk about dancing! Or non-dancing. Whatever you want. Even totally random things like Community, ATMs, or Pokemon. Especially Pokemon. Send me Pokemon things. 

So, there is some overlap in what I am working on, but I can also break them down into different categories. 

As a lead, I am working on incorporating more moves into my dancing (I know a bunch of moves, but I tend to fall into the trap of doing only a few of them in every single dance [which is not really a bad thing, except that it can get boring]). I also have the bad habit of making a small circle (a “reset”) at the end of my swingout. I’m not sure where I picked that one up, but it only started in the last couple of months. 

As a follow, I am currently working on some of the overall fundamental things, like staying on the line (surprisingly difficult if you’ve never had to do it), turning technique, and some of the basic stylizations. However, I feel like my swivels are pretty boss, if I do say so myself.

Overall, I am working on my solo jazz, including working my solo jazz into my partnered dancing. I am also working on my musicality, both macro and micro. Lastly (and embarassingly), I’m working on actually asking people to dance. About a year and a half ago, I reached a point where everyone was constantly asking me to dance, to the point that I rarely got a break, and I fell out of the habit of asking people to dance. Now, I’m told, many of the beginners (who make up the majority of our dancers), are actually intimidated by the fact that I’m good, and they don’t ask me. So I’m working on making sure that I ask people to dance. (HashtagIntrovertProblems)

Also, as always, I am working on my DJing. But I’m also working on my teaching (as well as teaching people to teach, which is actually a rather different skillset), as well as doing everything I can to learn about sound equipment (and acquire my own personal equipment). 

Well, any time we’re both at the same event, we’ll have to make sure we spend a lot of time introvertedly not asking each other to dance. :P

Also have a swivel-off, because my swivels bring ALL the boys and girls to the yard.

Apr 14 '14

Im not sure the new IT guy knows what he is doing…

I’m completely sure the new IT guy knows what he is doing.


Im not sure the new IT guy knows what he is doing…

I’m completely sure the new IT guy knows what he is doing.

Apr 14 '14

eggspunnysideup asked:

Any chance you'd post a list of your favorite swing dancing resources? Like, sites/videos for tutorials/lessons, shoes and clothes, music, and any other miscellaneous things that might help. I haven't danced in years (and I primarily did tango/ballroom) and my husband can't dance. I want to get more into swing and he wants to learn. Thanks!


Tutorials and Lessons: 

LindyHopMoves : Totally free. Broken down by topics and levels. Sometimes only demos the move, sometimes explains how to do it.

iDance : Not free. But only about $2 per video, and always explains how to do the move in addition to showing it. 

Alphabetical Jazz Steps : I love solo jazz. Learning solo jazz will totally make your dancing so much cooler, and is good to work on when you don’t have a partner.

Shoes and Clothes:

I wear Keds Champions most of the time. Bobby White has a writeup about them here. Aside from Keds, Many people wear Aris Allens. I also have one friend who swears by a European brand called Bleyers. Generally, anything which has a suede or leather bottom is good, although you can also buy moleskin for just a couple of bucks and attach it to a pair of shoes. (I don’t know how good that last one is, as I have never done it.)

In terms of clothes, LindyShopper is one of the leading Lindy fashion blogs I know of. Although Bobby White does have several posts about (Men’s) fashion over on Swungover


Well, there’s always my blog. Aside from me, there is Yehoodi Radio. There is also DJ Chrisbe’s DJ blog. There are a few more websites that are specifically about DJing, but I think that you are more looking for music to listen to? In that case, just google some of the names that you find on any of the aforementioned resources.


Jo Hoffberg’s blog

Mentioned previously, but Bobby White runs Swungover.

Any of the tumblr hoppers (look to the previous post where I tag them). 

LindyLibrary is always fun. 

Other than that, I would say to travel to events and take lessons wherever you are. Lindy Focus is always fun, but any exchange or workshop is going to be good. 

I’m so glad that you are getting into swing dancing! :D

Reblogging this for later reference.

Apr 14 '14

sorenwolf asked:

In follow up to the question on your pros/cons of your scene: What would you suggest for a college scene that is in a similar place as well as losing its teacher (of ten years) at the end of the semester?


Learn as much as you can as fast as you can. But don’t stress. After all, a quarter of your members next year won’t even know that you had that teacher the year before. The scene will live. The most important thing is to make the scene as good as you can. Travel as much as you can, and take lessons. Bring that information back to your club, and teach it to your members. In a college scene especially, it is really important to remember that people are there to have fun and make friends. So provide plenty of opportunities to do that. Go out to eat after the dance, go out for karaoke, have movie watching parties (Swing Kids is always good, especially when served with alcohol), have blues parties after the dance. Just do fun things, and provide plenty of opportunities for people to feel involved. Many of your members are there because they want a club to be involved with during their time at college. Be that club. Have plenty of volunteer and hangout opportunities, but most importantly, make friends with the people who are at your dances. 

I agree with this 100%. But I can’t resist chiming in with my two cents, because I ran a college swing scene for several years:

  • Definitely organize travel to events as a club. See if there are any that align with your breaks (mid-semester breaks work best). Five hours stuck in a car with each other is a great way to build group cohesion. (Or murderous tendencies. You know, either one really.)
  • If your college’s budget rules allow it, allocate money to subsidize this travel. Even the people who don’t go can still benefit, because those who do will come back and teach everything they learned. Don’t be afraid to steal borrow lessons from the pros!
  • Also agreed on the “hang out after dancing” thing. We always went to Taco Bell or Dairy Queen after swing dance. Invite new people along; it’s one of the best ways to get them to stick around.
  • If you can, host a small workshop every year. Find some mid-level instructors who live within a few hours — if your teacher of ten years isn’t moving too far away, they’d be a good candidate.
  • If you can combine this workshop with an exchange, even better. In isolated college clubs, “dance inbreeding” can be a problem, especially if you all learned from the same person. Invite visiting dancers from out of town, so you can all dance with people who didn’t learn from your teacher.
  • Make sure all your bases are covered. Anything the departing teacher was responsible for, make sure you know who’s going to do it when they leave.
  • Get your newcomers teaching as soon as possible. Scan all of your classes for fast learners with strong personalities. Once they’re at an intermediate level, start having them teach with your more experienced instructors — drop-in beginner lessons first, then moving on to bigger classes.

Good luck!